19 April

Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival

Punch and Judy fans of all ages will love this family puppet festival

The annual Covent Garden May Fayre & Puppet Festival (which celebrates its 42nd anniversary in 2017), brings together Punch and Judy professors from around the country for a day of jolly old-fashioned fun. The grand procession at 11am is led by a brass band, and culminates with a birthday toast to Mr Punch, who was first seen by Samuel Pepys 355 years ago on the day.

Mr Punch also takes pride of place in the pulpit during the special church service at noon, and the afternoon (12.30pm-5.30pm) will be filled with puppet shows and workshops, folk music, maypole dancing, clowns and refreshments provided by the Food Chain who are raising funds for Londoners living with HIV. Admission is free.