Why Tinder’s insane Twitter rant was a stroke of PR brilliance

Posted in News on 17 August 2015

The internet is abuzz with Tinder’s crazed rant on a Vanity Fair article.

If you haven’t yet heard, here’s the gist.

This nicely written piece by  journalist Nancy Jo Sales for Vanity Fair first surfaced, singling out Tinder for the downward spiral of modern dating culture.

It looks like Tinder spotted a great opportunity and its social media manager went on a crazed rant against the poor reporter. Yes, a rant that got significant coverage by global press and here’s a quick rundown to start with: Fortune, Wired, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Fast Company, The New York Times, The Telegraph, and not to mention several other national pubs. A dream come true for any PR person it seems.

It looks like the worst thing to do, for a brand to “lose it” on social media.

But while maintaining a nicely put together corporate image is unquestionable for most brands, what’s a nicely put together brand image to Tinder? I’d say it doesn’t need it.  No stranger to controversy, what’s a little tantrum to the brand?

And it appears this “rant” has all the right messaging you need to convince the public to keep on swiping on its platform – or start, if you’re a single (or not) looking for a little love or a hook-up.

And not to mention one telling sign of intent – tipping off journalists. Here’s a tweet by a Buzzfeed reporter: 

Staged, but still perfect

PR and social media experts say that this was staged is only too obvious.

“As soon as I saw this I thought it was a PR stunt as it was too much too late. Why wait a week to respond? Why respond with 30 tweets, not ask for a right of reply in Vanity Fare itself?” asked Chris Reed, founder of Black Marketing Asia.

“It’s Uniqlo all over again. Sex sells. The media love any kind of sex story,” said Reed. And Reed agrees that Tinder has the kind of image you just can’t damage anyway. “It’s hardly a blue chip brand. It’s like saying that you can damage the brand or Grinder brand or the plethora of other sex app brands which do the same thing. You can’t. They’re a means to an end. They’re almost a utility brand. Who loves them?” he said. “In this context all PR is good PR,” he said.

“Why else would you tip off a journalist that a premeditated (tweet) storm is coming?” said Mylinh Cheung, founder of Epic PR. She pointed out the messaging in the tweets were all nicely aligned and “well-crafted in its impetuous tone.” She also agrees that the rant nicely helped correct inaccurate perceptions from the Vanity Fair article, while drawing global attention. “I would give it bonus points for being able to link its activation to a well established and respected publication like VF as part of the tweet storm narrative. Also, it played to the millennial generation that is one of the main audiences using Tinder by showcasing that it has a voice, that the brand is its own media channel and standing up to traditional media players,” said Cheung.

Carolyn Camoens, regional vice president, SE Asia, Waggener Edstrom did say it was hard to tell if it was a PR stunt, but said that it was probably more important to see who Tinder was really targeting to reach with the rant: “If you look at some of those tweets in isolation, they do tick the boxes of what makes a tweet retweet-worthy. “The ability to meet people outside of your closed circle in this world is an immensely powerful thing.” That’s the kind of thing a Tinder user may feel compelled to re-tweet in validation.”

“No doubt in this instance, the ‘Twitter storm’ did raise a few eyebrows, but let’s not forget that Tinder is in itself not a conservative brand. Therefore, while some of us may wonder if that’s really how you should manage a perceived attack on your brand, it’s worth asking who Tinder was really trying to speak to,” said Camoens.


10 fascinating digital marketing stats from this week

Posted in News on 17 August 2015

Welcome to your weekly fix of digital marketing stats from around the world.

This week we have the rise of connected devices, the rise of digital transformation, the rise in accidentally letting the word ‘millennials’ slip through onto the blog and the rise of describing an ascendancy of something as ‘the rise of’.


75% of millennials’ purchases affected by online and/or mobile advertising

Adroit surveyed 1,000 US and Canadian consumers aged 18-34 and 500 US and Canadian consumers age 35+ to see how they shop online and how digital advertising influences their path to purchase. 

Here are some highlights:

  • 75% of those 18–34 and 73% of those 35+ replied that online and/or mobile advertising affects what they purchase
  • 73% of those 18-34 and 71% of those 35+ are likely to change their plans to visit a retailer or restaurant if they are away from home and receive an ad on their mobile device for a local deal or discount in the area
  • 55% of millennials and 54% of those 35+ chose online review sites as the online social medium that affects their retail purchases the most
  • 68% of millennials and 69% of those 35+ agree that one-click purchasing makes a difference in their likelihood to buy something


64% of Western European retailers are currently undergoing a formal digital transformation effort

Also according to IDC Retail, all the top Western European retailers are in the process of determining the impact of digital and developing a respective digital transformation strategy.


Video completion rate now the priority for U.K. advertisers

A video’s ‘view through rate’ is now the priority for UK advertisers when establishing campaign objectives. According to Videology, 50% of U.K advertisers are choosing it as a top KPI to measure the effectiveness of their media spend.

The UK advertising industry has also seen significant growth in the adoption of multi-screen campaigns, with a 28% increase in adoption since Q2 2014. Videology has found that 80% of all UK video ad campaigns are running on more than one device in Q2 2015.  

Multi-screen campaigns are significantly higher in the UK than in the rest of Europe, with research showing that 63% of EMEA campaigns were run across more than one device.

The analysis also found that the majority of advertisers in the UK are choosing to run their campaigns on medium to large size players, with 71% of advertisers preferring premium quality content. 

Other highlights from study include:

  • 42% of all placements used for Q2 campaigns were taken from upfront guaranteed inventory
  • 26% of all ads were from the FMCG category in Q2, maintaining the same majority as Q1 2015
  • The majority of impressions in Q2 served on entertainment web sites, with 57% of all the impressions. Sports came in second, with 13%.

Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic

Hubspot has created the following gigantic infographic uncovering a host of video related stats, including the insight that 65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video and that 78% of people watch videos every week.

Click for larger version…


Mobile advertising grew 65% last year 

According to report from the IAB, mobile advertising has become a $31.9bn global industry. Spending on mobile display ads also rose 88% from 2013 to 2014 reaching $15.1bn, 47% of total mobile ad spend.


30% of Tinder users married and addicted to selfies

GlobalWebIndex has also brought to light that 75% of married users consider themselves ‘risk-takers’ which puts them 80% ahead of the average person.

Users are also twice as likely to take ‘selfies’ than the typical digital consumer, almost two thirds (63%) of Tinder users report having done this in the last month. 

Unsurprisingly, Tinder users are heavy consumers of the mobile web. On a typical day, they are spending an average of almost four hours online via their smartphones, double that of non-Tinder users.

The more you know, etc.


There are 4.9bn connected ‘things’ in use

Here is an infographic from Computer Science Zone on the rise of the internet of things and the security implications involved.

There have been five breaches of security in 2015 involving 30,000+ records stolen, although there has been a 74% rise in cyber security jobs in the last six years.

Click below for full version…


Just 6% can recall brand in 'viewable' video ads

Millward Brown’s study commisioned by Teads, looks into the viewability of online video advertising and shows that with an ad that’s six seconds or less, just 6% of consumers could recall the brand shown. 

The study also compared instream video ads with outstream ads, those placed outside of the traditional video stream, such as within a text article or a newsfeed… 

  • Consumers watch outstream video ads for 25% longer than instream
  • 42% of respondents who viewed outstream video ads were aware of the brand measured in the study vs. only 6% who saw 6 seconds or fewer of the ad
  • 65% of respondents who were exposed to outstream formats were aware of the ad upon video completion vs. 12% who saw 6 seconds of the ad or fewer
  • Outstream formats create a 10% lift in brand awareness of the ad versus instream


19 out of 20 premier league clubs are active on Vine

Here are some football related social video stats from Burst…

  • Nine of this season’s 20 Premier League clubs have an active Vine account, posting six second looping videos to Vine and Twitter. Aston Villa is the only club without an official Vine account
  • All Premier League clubs for the 2015/2016 season combined collected 471.8m vine loops from the start of the 2014 season on 16th August 2014 to present day, 6th August 2015
  • The top three clubs alone (1. Chelsea, 2. Manchester United, 3. Manchester City) contributed over 86% of these loops (407,226,205m)
  • Chelsea are the biggest global sports club on Vine and growing at an incredible rate of 2152% YoY. Chelsea started the 2014/2015 season with 9.6m loops and are now at 218m loops 


The global internet population now represents 3.2bn people

Domo has released its yearly overview of the vast amount of data that is churned out by the internet’s 3.2bn users each minute. The below infographic highlights interesting stats about our online habits per minute, such as… 

  • Vine users playing 1,041,666 videos 
  • Tinder users swiping 590,278 times
  • 2,041,674,217 emails being sent
  • Uber passengers taking 694 rides 




7 signs you might be a PR pro

Posted in Tips on 17 August 2015

Whether it’s knowledge of SEO or brand journalism, the ever-changing must-have skills for public relations professionals continue to expand.

Beyond actual abilities, there is a certain kind of person who thrives in the unique environment of PR.

Here are seven characteristics that prove you are meant to be in the profession. You might relate to a few, or all, of the following:

1. You’re a gamer.        

Nothing motivates you more than the prospect of winning, which is why you bring you’re “A game” every day. Whether you were an elite athlete or the person chosen last in gym class, in the PR world you are a true competitor. Going head to head with your rivals gives you an adrenaline rush.

2. You go for an extra shot.        

When you order a drink with an extra shot, it’s almost always espresso. You live and breathe coffee. Imagining a life and deadlines sans caffeine and sugar is ridiculous.

3. You worship Thomas Edison.        

Electricity is your lifeblood. You can’t imagine facing the day without a fully charged smartphone, tablet and laptop. You spend your time in coffee shops and restaurants based on the accessibility to power outlets. The menu is secondary. Who has time to eat anyway?

4. You are despised by people sitting behind you at the movies.

Your definition of misery is not being able to check messages and social media accounts at 15-minute intervals. For example, you try really hard to set your phone aside at the movies, but really, two hours is simply too long without knowing whether a crisis is unfolding with your company or client. (Editor’s note: It’s probably best that you avoid live theater altogether.)

5. You never just “watch” or “read” the news.

You see what’s happening in the world through a lens focused on how your company or client can be part of the conversation. Your favorite go-to journalists are conveniently programmed into your phone so you can quickly contact them with the perfect expert when a big story breaks. Your philosophy: A solid PR professional can help define what’s newsworthy, similar to the influence an editor can wield.

6. You frequently forget what day it is.        

In a job that’s a nonstop frenzy from the moment you enter the office, and even during your time off, one day seems to meld into the next. When you finally come up for air, you’re not sure whether it’s Tuesday morning or quitting time on Thursday. However, you usually know when it’s Friday afternoon. Why? That’s when a PR crisis typically happens.

7. You didn’t take math in college—a decision you now regret.

You can recite every rule in the AP Stylebook but can barely balance your checkbook. Who needs math, right? Looking at spreadsheets may make your head hurt, but seeing the metrics on earned and paid media and insanely big numbers that describe your project’s ROI suddenly makes everything feel a lot better. (Apply for a PR Analytics job)

In the end, no matter how crazy your day becomes, most true PR professionals would not have it any other way.



How To Do Twitter Marketing in 10 Minutes a Day

Posted in Tips on 17 August 2015

Your mornings are precious. Sacred “you” time (when you’re not frantically checking your email while getting dressed while planning your route to avoid traffic). And your afternoons are full of meetings, deadlines and last minute requests. Your evenings are spent either on family outings, meeting friends you haven’t seen in months, or juggling dinner with homework with some relaxation time before you have to do it all again. So where do you find the time to tweet?

As a digital marketer, your time is being stretched thinner and thinner – after all, in any given day you have to search out and test new tools, update ad campaigns, manage creatives and build community. So anything that can shave minutes or hours off your daily tasks is sure to help.

Here is a template for spending just 10 minutes a day marketing on Twitter, so you can free up your time.

Minute 1. Log on to Twitter. Check your notifications tab and respond to anyone who @mentioned you since your last 10 minute session. (Optional) Thank your followers for retweets and favorites.

Minutes 2-3. Write 2 to 5 evergreen tweets to be tweeted today.

Minute 4-6. Log on to HootSuite, TweetDeck, Buffer or a scheduling tool of your choice. Schedule the tweets you’ve just written throughout the day, either using a schedule created by your chosen tool or based on your own audience insights.

Minute 7-8. Browse your Twitter lists (which you have created in advance) for influencers, brand advocates, industry-related and other accounts to retweet and reply to. Aim for 2-3 interactions generated from your lists each day.

Minute 9-10. Using Twitter’s advanced search or a saved search from previous sessions, search for keywords related to your industry or target audience. Follow 10 accounts that use these keywords.

This schedule will keep your Twitter account active, and will allow for growth over time. However, it does need a few key items in place for it to work:

  • A high-level strategy
  • A solid understanding of your target audience
  • Some killer content (think pre-rendered images, videos, landing pages, etc.)
  • One or more relevant Twitter lists that you’ve put together (containing accounts that make strategic sense to retweet and engage with)

All of which need to be created outside these 10 minutes per day. It’s also a good idea to periodically unfollow accounts that either do not follow you back or have little strategic value.

This strategy is great for accounts that are on the smaller side, but it won’t work if you’re consistently seeing a large volume of @mentions, or if you are using Twitter for customer service. In this case, you can still apply the 10 minute strategy, but you will need to increase the time you spend reading and replying to customer tweets.


Junior Event Manager Internship

Posted in Jobs on 17 August 2015

A Junior Event Manager is required for an exciting, fast paced, and ever growing digital agency based in Shoreditch. We are looking for an intern to help us organise, manage and execute our exciting yearly showcase event.

The Role involves:
* Managing the event process
* Being the key purchaser
* Assisting Management colleagues in the overall direction, planning, control, delivery and completion of specific projects or tasks
* Event administration duties
* Build relationships with multi-disciplinary teams
* Location research, rates negotiation and confirming concept)
* Co-ordinate all internal services and external providers as necessary for presentations and demonstrations

* Must be a good team player but able to work independently
* Client facing, personable and confident in picking up the phone
* Strong organisational skills, timekeeping and planning
* commercially aware
* Enthusiastic with a hands on approach
* Willing to attend networking and client events to build successful relationships
*Ensure events are planned within company guidelines and manage risks associated with events to protect the brand.
* Skills in costs keeping

Past experience:

Past experience in events management, organising or co-ordinating events
Knowledge or experience in the Digital industry is desired but not essential

2 months, paid

Think you are up to the challenge?

To apply, please click here

Tower of London and Hampton Court primed for RWC welcome ceremonies

Posted in News on 11 August 2015

Historic venues including the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace have been selected to host international rugby teams at Rugby World Cup (RWC) welcome ceremonies from 10 to 21 September.

The Tower of London will welcome the All Blacks

In total, 17 landmarks across England and Wales will host teams arriving to the country ahead of the international tournament. The ceremonies promise to be a celebration of the teams' achievements and will involve players friends and family, as well as the local community.

The events will signify an official welcome to England and Wales for the teams and feature the presentation of tournament caps and RWC 2015 participation medals. These will be distributed by 16 to 24 year olds from local clubs and educational institutes to represent the legacy of the tournament.

There will also be 1,000 people representing grassroots rugby clubs invited to attend the ceremonies, while each ceremony will feature a performance of the official Rugby World Cup anthem, World in Union, sung by school choirs chosen following a selection process.

Steve Brown, managing director of England Rugby 2015, said: "We are delighted to have secured these fantastic venues to host our welcome ceremonies for the teams. These landmark locations from across England and Wales broaden the reach of the tournament and will be great settings for us to welcome the players and management.

"These events will be a celebration of the team's achievements, alongside a warm local welcome as the 20 best teams arrive for Rugby World Cup 2015."

The welcome ceremonies will take place on the following dates:

  • 10 September – Fiji - Hampton Court Palace
  • 11 September – New Zealand - Tower of London
  • 11 September – Samoa - Brighton Dome
  • 11 September – Japan - Brighton Dome
  • 12 September – England - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • 12 September – Tonga - Cheltenham Town Hall
  • 13 September – South Africa - Eastbourne Bandstand
  • 13 September – USA - HM Naval Base Portsmouth
  • 14 September – France - Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
  • 14 September – Argentina - Haileybury, Hertfordshire
  • 14 September – Italy - Hampton Court Palace
  • 14 September – Georgia - St George's, Bristol
  • 14 September – Uruguay - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff
  • 15 September – Australia - Assembly Rooms in Bath
  • 15 September – Canada - Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
  • 17 September – Romania - Christ Church Spitalfields, London
  • 17 September – Scotland - Gloucester Cathedral
  • 17 September – Namibia - Hampton Court Palace
  • 21 September – Ireland - Burton Town Hall
  • 21 September – Wales - Guildhall, London


Events Management Apprentice

Posted in Jobs on 11 August 2015

Events Management Apprentice
Parli-training, West End

A unique opportunity for a young person keen to take their first steps in their career in Events Management

Events Co-ordinator/Adminstrator
Immediate start

Diligent, hardworking and enthusiastic Events Co-ordinator/ Administrator is require for an award winning training company based in the West End.

This is a unique opportunity to gain entry level support and training in the thriving industry of Events Management.

The right candidate needs to have a minimum of 5 GCSEs grade A-C including Maths & English, Competent IT Skills and a good telephone manner.

Responsibilities will include administrative support, delegates customers services, liaising with trainers, telesales, digital marketing, project management of conference events and room hire.

Key tasks :

  • Carry out any event and office administration as required
  • Proactively researching the market and building database
  • Processing course bookings
  • Marketing our room hire services
  • Office administration duties
  • Telesales & , dealing with customer queries
  • Course co-ordination

We are looking for an apprentice with a confident personality who is focused on gaining professional experience.

You must has exceptional administrative skills, possess the ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel, have some prior office based experience.

In return you will receive one to one work based training, a Business Administration NVQ certificate and guided Apprenticeship training in conjunction with City of Westminster College.

Salary: £11,830.00 /year

To apply, please click here

Twitch eyes overseas gamers with more international events in Australia, Mexico and Japan

Posted in News on 10 August 2015

Popular Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch announced this week that it will be expanding its worldwide presence with booths at more international gaming events. The game streaming site already attends major events in Europe like Gamescom, but Twitch will also be moving into Australia, Mexico and Japan.

“In addition to our continued presence at gamescom 2015 from Cologne, Germany, this year we’ll be dropping booths for the first time at PAX Australia, Electronic Game Show in Mexico, and Tokyo Game Show in Japan,” Twitch wrote on its blog. “All of these events will feature a stage for publishers and developers to showcase their games to audiences around the world and feature hosts from Twitch and the broader broadcasting community.”

They added, “All of this new globalization work builds upon our ongoing commitment to providing the best localized experience for our broadcasters and viewers. around the globe.”

Twitch announced that it will also be building its infrastructure in East Asia by adding several new points of presence (POPs).

“After widening our presence and strengthening our quality of service in the U.S. and Europe over the past few years, we made a concerted effort to provide the best Twitch experience to our many broadcasters and viewers in Asia,” Twitch said. “We’re proud to announce completion of three new POPs in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea!”

South Korea in particular is a key area of expansion for Twitch. It has of the largest and most lucrative eSports communities thanks largely to the country’s love for all things StarCraft, and South Korea is also home to the world’s first dedicated eSports arena, which has hosted game tournaments attended by over 100,000 people.

Twitch has come a long way since they days when it was still called The streaming service was purchased by Amazon last year for nearly $1 billion, and the video game livestreaming industry has continued to skyrocket since then, with Twitch leading the charge. According to a report by SuperData Research Inc earlier this year, eSports alone draws in over 164 million viewers each year.

Another report by SuperData revealed that the game video industry itself is worth over $3.8 billion annually, and Twitch is responsible for 43 percent of that figure. YouTube by comparison is responsible for 36 percent.


Uber Public Relations: A Global Effort Facing Local Issues

Posted in News on 10 August 2015

Uber is an American company that has an innovative idea of franchising their concept to people who live in various locations willing to provide pick-up and ride service to others. The idea has made the company big news and big money. It has also been controversial in many of the markets it serves or is attempting to serve.

Since their efforts compete with taxi and limo services in most areas, the established professionals do not take kindly to business being taken from them. They also are not happy that while they are highly regulated and pay large fees for licensing, Uber drivers step in and do not need to meet any of those requirements. For that reason, and for some problems that have been reported on safety issues and inappropriate behavior of franchise drivers, the company has been banned from operating in several locations.

When Uber enters a new market location, they face the need to meet local regulations and present what they can bring to the table in a way that allows them access. So PR work is vital to the company, but it is also necessary to find PR specialists that know the issues for Uber as well as the local situations. Because Uber has come into markets all around the world, this is probably one of the biggest issues they face now and moving forward.

Currently, Uber is struggling to be accepted in Europe. As an example, France says that Uber’s business is illegal according to their industry laws passed in 2014. But Uber says operation in France is legal according to the rule of law. In either case, Uber continues to present their case while they do business there.

Only a few weeks ago, Taxi drivers in Paris disrupted traffic and slowed access to airports and train stations in protest to the possibility of Uber being allowed to continue. Taxi drivers are concerned about their future livelihood. There are approximately 50,000 taxi drivers in France, and about 1,000 of them seem to be actively protesting Uber’s efforts. Some of those who are doing so are not afraid to show a bit of violence in the process according to recent reports.

UberPOP is the European leg of the company and operates in more than a dozen cities in Europe. They are also in the process of transitioning their PR efforts from outside firms to more being done in-company. However, much of the efforts worldwide are still being done by PR firms under contract with Uber. One thing seems to be obvious: the PR firms and in-house PR staff have their work cut out for them as they negotiate such a shift in transportation thinking.


Persado uses artificial intelligence to help digital marketers write better copy

Posted in News on 10 August 2015
Using data to dissect language and emotion, ad-tech company Persado is offering insight into the wording that drives conversions. And it does it 75% better than humans.

In digital marketing, persuasion is both the same as it's always been, and yet, not quite, as data becomes an increasingly convincing factor in how marketers chose to approach customers.

For advertising technology company Persado, persuasion is something that can be engineered.

Persado originally started December 12, 2012 — 12/12/12 — by "very self-conscious math geeks," said chief marketing officer David Atlas. It was originally a part of digital marketing firm Upstream, but was spun off from the company. The Persado technology had already been in development for seven years before Persado formed.

After receiving funding from Bain Capital Ventures, they opened headquarters in New York City, where they're currently based.

The basic idea is using data to write better marketing copy.

Persado starts by looking at marketing language and breaking it down — anything that might appear in banner ads, emails, tweets, SMS, display ads — and focuses on factual descriptors, like sizes colors, or even the location of a zipper.

Then, they looked at emotional language, phrases like "You don't want to miss out" or "just for you." Those were broken into 19 types of feelings from joy to guilt, to anxiety or achievement. There's also functional language like "click here to subscribe" or "renew today."


"You're able to build really a template that lets you figure out other ways of expressing that, rotating in and out product features, different types of emotions, different ways of expressing those emotions," Atlas said, "and in so doing, build a map of not only the 'draft a' and the 'draft b,' that the average copywriter guesses at, but the 14 million other versions that you didn't have time to write yourself."

Atlas said the idea behind Persado builds on past use of data in advertising to determine not only when, but where to reach people. The idea here is to determine what to say to them.

Clients have seen 75% better response in terms of opens, click-throughs, and conversions than human-written content.

And beyond understanding which words drive conversions, what shakes out is an understanding of the emotions and which ones drive the sales of a brand's products, Atlas said.

Persado's latest offering apart from its enterprise version, which is in use by brands like American Express and Neiman Marcus, is basically a self-service version of their technology. The first available channel, as they call it, generate email subject lines.

So, a user chooses a target audience, general purpose, and offer details. Persado does an analysis of data points with similar attributes. It then kicks out 16 options, with insights into different linguistic elements and emotions being tapped into.

This might sound like a nightmare for copywriters, another instance where the machines are snatching up jobs, but Atlas said they view Persado as a tool, not replacement for marketers.

"I think [this] represents a new type of functionality that is neither the end of writing, nor is it the cure-all for everything. What it is, like really any instance of artificial intelligence, is a system that does a very specific thing that's vastly better than you as a person would do, but otherwise is really just a tool," he said.

He likened it to GPS navigation.

"The notion that he would ever use a handheld device whether to take the bridge or the tunnel when driving into New York from Jersey continues to boggle my parents' imagination," he said, but in the end, it's a tool that reveals a route to take.

In other words, Persado can't write an ad on its own.


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