Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition

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World Photography Organisation

Friday, 22 April 2016 at 10:00 - Sunday, 8 May 2016 at 20:00 (BST)


Hillsong Conference Europe 2016

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Hillsong Church London

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 at 19:00 - Friday, 29 July 2016 at 22:00 (BST)


We are FSTVL

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Location: 28th - 29th May 2016

Location: Upminster, Greater London

See more details here.


Project Support Officer

Posted in Jobs on 29 April 2016

We are Sirona care & health, a Community Interest Company committed to providing integrated health and social care services to people across Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. For us, it’s about the personal approach; we take pride in what we do and deliver the high standard of care that we’d expect for ourselves and our families.

In return we offer an excellent range of benefits including generous holiday entitlement, paid enhancements for bank holiday/night working (where applicable), a contributory pension scheme (including, for some roles, the NHS and Local Government pension schemes), a planned induction program, extensive learning and development opportunities, health and wellbeing programmes, flexible working patterns, staff excellence awards, childcare vouchers, in-house physiotherapy support and more!

Project Support Officer– Full time Permanent

Do you have experience of project support or working as part of a project team? Do you like working under pressure to meet deadlines? If you can answer yes to both questions then we want to hear from you.

We have a permanent, full time role available in the Programme Management Office (PMO) within the Business Development Team.

The Project Support Officer will work as part of a team providing hands on project management support to a wide range of projects across Sirona services (both corporate and operational) to accelerate progress against key initiatives in support of the business plan and Sirona strategic objectives.

Day to day work will include:

  • Using the corporate PMO processes and project documentation, develop detailed project plans, Risk and Issue Logs, identify key stages and milestones and tracking progress against plans

  • To monitor and report to the Business Development Manager on progress against the agreed project plans, ensuring that issues and risks are raised in a timely manner

  • Develop strong and productive working relationships with the project team and with a wide cross section of stakeholders involved in supporting or working directly on project activity

  • Establish and maintain regular contact with all project participants to remain abreast of progress and working with the Communications Team to generate communication updates to share across project teams

  • Supporting various bids for new and existing business in response to Commissioning procurement requirements and timeframes.

To fulfil this role you will need to like and understand the importance of using the standard PMO systems and processes with an eye to helping to contribute to the continuing development of all processes.

Role details

  • Full-time

  • The position is 37.5 hours per week working Monday to Friday, based at either Sirona Care & Health head office at St Martin’s Hospital, Bath or our office base at Warmley. Travel and flexible working between these bases will be required.

  • The role requires a full driving licence as it will involve travel throughout the area covered by Sirona.

Do you want to find out more? Please contact Jacqui Moxon, Business Development Manager: Business Development Manager Ext: (83)1320

Media and Communications Officer

Posted in Jobs on 29 April 2016

This role will achieve positive and proactive coverage in the media for the force by developing opportunities and exploiting them through good media contacts.

We are looking for someone who will work within and with the Corporate Communication team to deliver a professional and proactive media liaison and communication service. A key element of the role will be to help provide a variety of crime prevention and awareness messages, support investigations and deliver internal communication and public relations activity.

The successful applicant will have excellent written communication skills as you will be required to draft media releases, write internal and external articles, and prepare clear and concise briefing documents.

A qualification in journalism, a Public Relations diploma or equivalent experience is essential, as is a good knowledge of the public sector and emergency services.

City of London Police offers a range of benefits for staff including: Employee Discounts programme, Flexible Working, Cycle to Work Scheme, Local Government Pension scheme together with generous terms and conditions (including occupational sick pay and holiday entitlements).

Applicants who fail to address the skills/knowledge/experience of the job description will not be considered .

If you would like to discuss the post in more detail, please contact Teresa La Thangue on 020 7601 2290  

The closing date for applications is 6 May 2016 at 5:00pm

To Apply please visit

The City of London Police is keen to promote flexible working and will, subject to operational policing requirements, proactively consider all applications to work flexibly. 

The City of London Police is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

Please apply here.

The Only 5 Ways You Can Become Rich

Posted in News on 28 April 2016

There are many definitions of what it means to be rich.

Being rich is more of a state of mind than a dollar amount. Truthfully, the rich can be poor and the poor can be rich. For example, being rich could be a family of five who lovingly share their small piece of bread in a third-world country. Conversely, another family of five may live in a 12-bedroom home and still have strife over an unlimited first-class feast!

Moreover, being rich is really about having it all. It would be ideal to have a combination of the aforementioned situations: the happy family enjoying a delectable meal in the big house -- and it is possible. However, to achieve this kind of wealth, along with financial freedom, personal peace and happiness, you must get committed to it. 

You must also be able to enjoy your wealth. Some people put in a hundred hours per week with work but completely neglect their families in the process. Others focus on their family so much that they never really get busy at work because of their obligations. Obviously, achieving a sense of balance will allow you to possess true wealth and also be able to enjoy it. 

If you're looking to have it all in life, here are the only five ways you can become rich: 

1. Adopt the Producer Mentality

You must make a major shift from being a consumer to producer. Here are some examples: consumers eat pizza, producers make pizza; consumers watch movies, producers make movies; consumers search for jobs, producers provide jobs. Every millionaire is a producer. Only producers get rich.

The overarching goal of a producer is not to eat, but to feed people. Obviously, producers must consume at some point, but it isn't their primary goal. Instead of seeking their next meal, they're more interested in providing the next meal for someone else, knowing that they will have the chance to eat in the process. 

Whether these producers are providing heart surgeries, writing best-selling books, or building skyscrapers, they've learned how to create products and services to help those around them. If you study millionaires closely, you'll find that nearly all them provide a valuable product or service to millions of people. When you adopt a producer mentality, you will become wealthy, too.

2. Know Your Daily Rate

How much are you worth per day? Have you calculated your daily worth? $100? $500? $1,000? There are approximately 250 working days in a year. Do you know what it would take to be a millionaire? If you earned $4,000 per day, you would reach the million-dollar mark each year.

If you're earning $100 per day, you should try to double it. Just imagine, if you did twice as much, you would earn twice as much! For instance, when I first started my business, I was worth about $200 per day. Since I didn't want to stay at that number, I sought better ways to improve myself for my clients, which gave me a tremendous boost of income.

What are you doing to improve your daily rate? If you're searching for a new job, send out twice as many resumes. If you're making 10 sales calls per day, double your number of calls to 20. If you're babysitting one child, find a way to multiply your results by opening up a day-care for 50 kids. Of course, it would be best to maintain or increase your quality of work as you pursue these endeavors.

3. Sacrifice Everything

The great majority of people are afraid to make sacrifices because they think they'll lose something. The single mother won't buy a $20 book that will help her earn $20,000 extra dollars. She's the same mother who's afraid of the cost, but still would buy a video game for her son to make him happy. 

Before you become rich, you must become poor. Besides lottery winners and heirs who receive hefty inheritances, you must be willing to pay the price and sacrifice everything. You must be able to handle the worst if you want to expect the best. There will be many times where you'll have to delay gratification to focus on a bigger goal, which is always worth it in the end.

To approach a risk more judiciously, ask yourself two questions: "What's the worst thing that can happen if I take this risk?" Then ask yourself, "What's the best thing that can happen?" Usually, you'll find that the only reason that you wouldn't take a major risk is because money is involved. However, you should be able to sacrifice everything to become immensely rich, even if it's your last dollar.

4. Only Do Wealthy Activities

The number one wealth killer is when a person of promise hangs out in places of poverty. Many times, people put themselves in poor places, which surrounds them with poor people. Get away from poor places if you want to avoid poor people. Dwelling along with poor people in poor places will never make you rich.

When I was a teenager, I used to play basketball with negative people in negative places. I constantly witnessed smoking, cursing, and other disrespectful behaviors every moment of the game. Even though I didn't partake in their antics, I was still a product of my environment, which deeply affected my general performance in life.

Many people tolerate negative conditions like this. They don't realize how much the subtle influence of gossip, violence, and drama impacts them. Moreover, if you're not on prosperity, your in poverty. Find out how you can partake in wealthy activities. For me, instead of playing basketball, I started visiting luxury homes and car dealerships. It changed my life. 

5. Use Your Gifts

Everyone is naturally gifted. Some people have many gifts, while others only have one. Nonetheless, you must realize your gifts and use them. Many times, people will downplay their gifts and even allow others to do it. However, you should cultivate your gifts and surround yourself with people who support it.

Finding your talents, skills, gifts, and abilities may not always be apparent. Since schools, workplaces, and religious institutions seldom encourage people to use their gifts, many people end up forfeiting them because of the financial and social pressures in our enormity of conformity. These pressures reduce the human soul to settle for "fitting in" rather than "standing out." However, at the end of your life, you will be held accountable for how you use your gifts.

For me, I personally always wanted to tell my story. However, I didn't know how to go about it. Eventually, I started to write articles and give speeches free. Because of this, I've been able to reach millions of people, despite the fact that I failed numerous English classes in school. The more you use you gifts, the happier and wealthier you'll be. Your gifts will make room for you. 


Money is being printed constantly for you right now. Make sure you take hold of yours today. Money is the tool that allows you to become more of who you are. Stop 'surviving' and start 'thriving'.There are many virtues in being rich. Be prepared to receive better homes, cars, clothes, food, and friends. You will receive much power when you commit to your wealth!


Workplaces of the Future Will Feel More Like 'The Matrix' Than 'Office Space'

Posted in News on 28 April 2016

The cliché workplace environment of the 20th century makes me think about dull neon lights, desk cubicles, stale air and large IBM computer monitors. I cannot imagine how this would stimulate productivity, innovation and a sense of community for today’s office workers or generation.

Fast forward to 2016, and the new-age workplace is now about fancy ergonomic furniture, architecturally inspired lighting, digital connectivity around the globe and so much more. In Australia, workplace trends are changing fast, enabling start-up entrepreneurs, business owners and employees of organizations the opportunity to run their business and / or workplace affairs from these innovative hubs. 

A ‘laboratory’ for innovation

To get a close-up insight on this subject, I recently interviewed Australian serial entrepreneur Brad Krauskopf, CEO and founder of Third Spaces Group. In my 30-minute chat with Brad, what struck me the most about his philosophy and perspective on the future of workspaces hinged around his bold phrase, “laboratory for innovation."

In simple translation, Brad strongly feels that the future workplace should be all about cultivating "health and wellbeing." It’s about building a community of people that will yield an entrepreneurial culture, drive innovation to another level and elevate the thirst for success from the people within. It’s also about allowing select employees (eg. intrapreneurs), the chance to nurture their entrepreneurial ideas outside of conventional office environments, and for the organization at the end to commercially benefit from outside exposure and learning.

It’s not just about space.

Third Spaces Group is comprised of Hub Australia and Coactive8. These entrepreneurial ventures are committed to increasing the collaborative capacity of people, organizations and cities by conceiving, creating and activating work spaces that optimize productivity, accelerate innovation and foster community. Brad’s vision is to "ultimately help their members grow their business, by building connections and offering networking and learning opportunities."

Brad’s message was as clear as crystal: It’s not enough to just offer physical space to workers. Essentially, it’s about creating a competitive learning environment that yields leadership capacity to coach and manage the needs of distributed workforces, and ultimately create more entrepreneurial leaders for the future.

The operating system

When I think about computers and how they function, I think about the hardware and software of the operating system. If we turn our attention to office space, the hardware will comprise of the furniture, the lighting, etc; the software on the other hand, are the people who run or function within the office. 

A successful workplace requires the careful management of both parts. Brad simply puts it this way, "A fancy workplace environment with all the hardware and with no ‘soul’ is doomed to fail."

For me personally, I like to use the analogy and comparison of a house versus a home. It’s the shear difference between a sterile, clean and uninhabited environment versus a warm, cozy and relaxed habitat that promotes a sense of wellbeing, purpose, functionality and inspiration.

To achieve this result, regardless of whether it’s your home or office, I believe it requires ergonomically designed furniture, a functional floor space design, architecturally inspired features and, most importantly, the right people with a healthy collaborative team spirit.

Science fiction or reality?

When I imagine future workspace environments, and I start to fantasize the possibilities, I resort to my favorite science fiction movies like The Matrix and Back to the Future. These classics amplify Brad’s vision around the use of technology around the home and in the office.

According to Brad, the distant future of functional workspace will also be about using virtual reality and creating the fourth dimension. Brad’s closing statement was pivotal and thought-provoking. He spoke about putting on your headset and going to work in a virtual world, being part of an artificial environment that your architect has developed specifically for your sensory needs, to amplify your drive, inspiration and productivity to a whole new level.

My question is -- how will organizations of the future adjust and take appropriate measures to best manage their people and the new frontiers of technology? Will workers prefer conventional office space, smart hubs or virtual reality -- or a combination of all three ?


How to Get Noticed in Today's Crowded Business Environment

Posted in News on 28 April 2016

In recent conversations with some local entrepreneurs, they asked how they could get more visibility for their work and their products. I asked how they use public relations tactics, such as a pressroom or news releases to promote their businesses. Both just looked at me with a blank stare, not quite sure what I was talking about. They are so focused on selling their products and services that they have not taken the time to tell prospective customers about what they are doing. Here are a few suggestions to get started.

Set up a press room on your website.

This is a fairly easy thing to do.  You can make it “About us” or a “Press Room”, but create a space where journalists or prospective customers can quickly find out more about you and what you are all about. Use this space to share announcements about your new products and services and upcoming special events. People interested in your business want to learn more about what you are up to.  Make it easy for them to find this information.

Start sharing news releases.

Creating and sharing news releases is a fairly simple thing to do, once you get the hang of it. If you need a template for a news release, HubSpot is a great place to start. If you want to use a social media news release, Shift Communications has a great template to get you started. There are many reasons to publish a news release including a new offering, an event, or to announce financial results. is a free way to distribute your news releases. Your prospective customers won’t know what is new, unless you tell them.

Use social media in a way that promotes you.

One thing I noticed about one of these entrepreneurs is that s/he had outsourced social media to an intern who didn’t really know the business. As a result, the focus was not on the business, but was just about random ideas such as “hump day” or whatever caught their attention on Twitter or Instagram. If you are going to spend time and money on social media, make the focus on you and your business. Promote your products and services and tie your social media posts to topics that directly relate to what you are doing, your business, and who you are.  This is a much better way to increase awareness about your business through your followers who can then repost and retweet them to “toot your horn” for you!


London Film & Comic Con

Posted in Events on 22 April 2016

28th - 31st July 2016


Location: Various Locations, London

The UK's favourite Comic Con will be returning to Olympia for London Film & Comic Con, bringing you the best in autograph sessions, photo shoots and panels with your favourite celebrities. For a full guest line up visit our website

Young Professionals London Spring on the Roof

Posted in Events on 22 April 2016

YPL Spring on the Roof (Part II): BBQ, Social, Dancing & Drinks

Young Professionals London

Friday, 13 May 2016 at 20:00 - Saturday, 14 May 2016 at 03:00 (BST)

London, United Kingdom

See more details here.


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