4 Reasons Your First Marketing Strategy Isn't Working, and What to do About It

Posted in Tips on 25 November 2016

If you've written out a marketing strategy, you’re already ahead of the game: Too many companies neglect the act of formalizing their plans, instead relying on general ideas and improvisation, which almost never turns out well.

Thinking through and documenting your strategy separates you from the pack, but there’s a harsh truth about that first draft you whipped up in the meeting room:

It probably sucks.

Like novels, poetry, scripts and any other form of creative writing, the first draft of your marketing strategy will rarely be the quality you need. So, why is that, and how can you fix it? Read on.

1. You’re working through assumptions.

Most first drafts of marketing strategies are built on previously existing assumptions. Some of these may be based on data, but the majority are usually based on assumptions. For example, you might assume that your target demographic will appreciate a certain angle of humor in your next round of advertisements, but you don't have anything to back that up other than anecdotal evidence and gut instinct.

Assumptions aren’t always bad; in fact, if you’re experienced enough, they can be highly valuable. However, when the major portion of a document is based on speculation, its accuracy should be called into question.

2. Marketing is a process of change.

Effective marketing isn’t about coming up with the best premeditated strategy; marketing is a process of testing, making changes and optimizing. Nobody ever succeeded by assembling campaign ideas and executing them flawlessly.

Instead, people work their way up, AB testing and experimenting with new directions, until they eventually mold their campaigns into something that works. There are cases when the first draft of your marketing strategy works somewhat well, yet there's still room for improvement.

3. You haven’t tried anything yet.

You have no experimental data to identify whether or not your marketing strategy is effective. If you did, what you're working on now wouldn’t be a first draft. Because you lack experience executing this type of marketing strategy for this type of business, that lack of expertise will almost always lead you astray.

So, until you put what expertise you do have to practical use and start gathering information in a grounded environment, you’ll miss the important foundational details.

4. The 'known unknowns'

There will be sections of your marketing strategy that you intentionally leave blank; you may not know how long you’ll run the ads, or which social platforms you’ll use to syndicate your content. Consider these the “known unknowns.”

Although you aren’t sure how these factors will play out, you recognize them as variables, and you’ve accounted for their unpredictability. However, in the first draft of your marketing strategy, you’ll fail to account for the known unknowns -- those variables and bits of information you’re oblivious to but know are out there. These could be significant, and could potentially derail your entire campaign.

What to do about it

So now that I’ve established why it is that first drafts are always lacking, what can you do about it?

  • Accept the truth. If you go into the situation understanding that your first draft will likely stink, your expectations will be lower and you won’t be surprised or disappointed when your execution doesn’t yield an enormous return. You’ll also spend less time worrying about the minutiae of your plans, and more time preparing for future rounds of revision.
  • Do your research beforehand. It’s impossible to update yourself on everything, but if you do proactive research, you’ll come in armed with the best and most accurate information possible. This will mitigate some of the errors and miscalculations that are inherently present in your first draft (though it won’t eliminate them entirely).
  • Include multiple brains in the brainstorming process. If you can, include several different team members when drafting the first round of your marketing strategy. Each team member will have different experiences and insights to add to the process; this will reduce the tendency to neglect “known unknowns,” as a team effort will reduce the number of collective blind spots, and generally result in a more thoroughly thought-out plan.
  • Set short-term goals and action items. Don’t look too far ahead. Set short-term goals and establish action items only for the next few days and weeks. Setting ambitious long-term goals in the early planning stages is an exercise in futility; they’ll likely change, and, besides, short-term goals will help you build early momentum.
  • Keep to an outline format. You know your strategy is going to change eventually, so don’t waste time trying to flesh out every little detail of your plan. Instead, think of your first draft more as an outline. Include the high-level points you know will remain consistent until the end, and a flexible framework that will accommodate any future additions or subtractions easily.
  • Be ready to switch it up. Incorporate a plan for changes into the draft of your marketing strategy. Planning to make adjustments will keep your team in the right frame of mind when you first implement your strategy in a live environment. Adaptability is key here.

If you follow these rules, you’ll stand a much better chance of producing a marketing strategy that sticks -- or at least one that’s more easily modified down the road.

The best part is, these rules and considerations apply to almost any marketing strategy you can think of -- from traditional advertising to inbound online marketing. As you gain experience, your strategy will get better and better.


Java Software Engineer

Posted in Jobs on 25 November 2016

Priocept helps businesses to create digital products and services. We design, build and run web technology platforms for some of Europe’s leading companies.

Companies choose Priocept because of our commercial focus and ability to create technology solutions that generate a return on investment.

We provide project management, technical consulting, software development, training and application support services. Our areas of expertise include web content management, e-commerce platforms and bespoke application development.

Requirements: Priocept is looking to recruit software engineers that can demonstrate expertise in a wide range of Java development technologies. Candidates must have excellent core Java skills including some or all of the following: *

  • OO design patterns, Apache Tomcat and web-tier frameworks such as Struts, Spring MVC and JSF *
  • Magnolia CMS, Adobe CQ, JCR/JSR-170/Jackrabbit, Android development

Exposure to Microsoft technologies (especially .NET) would be beneficial.

Experience working in a consultancy or agency environment is desirable, combined with client-facing skills and experience of leading development projects, including requirements analysis, technical design and consultancy work.

Please apply here.

Events Assistant

Posted in Jobs on 25 November 2016

Job Title: Events & Special Projects Assistant

Dates: December 2016 10 month fixed term contract possibility to extend

Salary: £19k pro rata

Benefits: 23 days holiday pro rata, (plus 8 days Bank and Public Holidays)

Reports to: Manager, Events & Special Projects

Role: To provide assistance & support for all Special Projects & Events

Closing date: 6 December 2016

Events include: D&AD Lectures, Festival, Award Ceremony, New Blood Exhibition, New Blood Awards, New Blood Academy, Training, Annual Launch & Partnership Activation events.

We are looking for someone keen to develop their events experience who is eager to support the Events team with D&AD’s year round programme. Highly motivated and organised, with an eye for detail.

You will need to be a charismatic ambassador for D&AD; a confident and effective communicator able to liaise with all project stakeholders, suppliers and partner organisations where necessary. You’ll need to be approachable, and consistent in manner - enthusiastic, energetic and friendly – committed to equal opportunities, tactful and discreet. It is important that you are extremely personable and not afraid of picking up the phone when the occasion calls.

You’ll need to be an effective solution provider, quick thinking, extremely well organised and calm under pressure. Experience creating and maintaining databases, project files and spreadsheets is beneficial.

The organisation is very busy, so open and regular communication with all members of the team is essential. There will inevitably be some less interesting tasks to be completed day to day – and you’ll have to combine these with the ability to think big, and have real ambition for D&AD year round programmes. The D&AD offices have a casual relaxed atmosphere, with a friendly fun team.

The work is events based and so will sometimes require out of office hours.

Event Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Assisting with sourcing and briefing suppliers to deliver creative concepts.
  • Sourcing and briefing event caterers
  • Researching new and exciting venues, competitor activity and updating the events calendar.
  • Responding to event enquiries from guests, exhibitors and public.
  • Assisting with event builds, layouts, information points, overseeing of staging and installations.
  • Deputising for the Events Manager & Executive when they are unable to attend meetings and certain events for supplier, venue liaison, guest enquiries and requests
  • Maintaining an excellent level of customer service & Hospitality at all D&AD events.
  • Liaison with event Exhibitors handling queries, including changes to stand layouts, delivery times etc.
  • Guest Management for events, collating RSVP’s and data input for guests who have attended.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Minuting meetings, maintaining project files, supplier paperwork, H&S documentation, risk assessments, logging stock, coordinating staff reimbursements
  • Maintaining budget files & the contacts database
  • Maintaining competitor market research database
  • Circulating information to internal and external stakeholders
  • Travel & Accommodation for speakers & staff
  • Reconciliation of staff travel to events
  • Lend support to other teams where needed

Skills & Experience:

  • Highly organised
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Understanding of project management procedures
  • Be able to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • IT literate – Excel, Word (knowledge of Adobe software & sketch up would be ideal but not essential as training will be given)
  • A keen Interest in event management

Personal Qualities:

  • Calm with attention to detail
  • Resourceful – ability to come up with creative solutions to any problem that might arise
  • Enthusiastic and Energetic – ability to make guests, suppliers, clients and staff feel welcomed.
  • Able to liaise confidently and professionally with people at all levels.
  • A team player with a good sense of humour and a hardworking attitude

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £19,000.00 /year

Please apply here.

Events Volunteer

Posted in Jobs on 22 November 2016

Location:           Mansion House


Hours:             10:45 am – 2pm


Closing Date: Thursday 24th November 2016


Main Activities:                 


Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) work with over 4,000 people every year living with physical and learning disabilities to gain new skills and increase independence.


QEF is made up of three services; Independent Living Services, Mobility Services and Brain Injury Services and the family of charities which is VASD, MERU and Sutton Shop Mobility. Through G and O we will be able to provide rehabilitation to people such as Andy who is recovering from a car accident and provide a motorised wheelchair to children such as Danny.


Our legendary Guinness and Oyster Luncheon, now in its 50th year, set in the beautiful surroundings of Mansion House in the City of London. The Luncheon is a relaxed stand up fundraising event with Guinness, Oysters, Smoked Salmon, Potted Shrimps, Cheese and Red and White Wine.


Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities:



  • Event registration.
  • Help in running the prize draw, business card draw or silent auction.
  • General event admin.
  • Help in running the information desk.
  • Welcoming guests.


Skills and Attributes:


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Clearly spoken and polite
  • Confident when dealing with people
  • Understanding individual


How to apply and for more information:


Please email for more details.


QEF is an equal opportunities employer.

Want A Job With Great Work-Life Balance? Choose A Career In Digital Marketing

Posted in Tips on 14 November 2016

According to recent statistics from Ernst & Young, it’s getting harder than ever to balance work and personal life. Globally, 46 percent of managers are working more than 40 hours weekly, and four in 10 managers say their hours have increased over the past five years.

The biggest reported obstacles to achieving work-life balance were stagnant income growth (49 percent) and increasing demands at work (48 percent). Fortunately, some careers, according to Glassdoor, still make finding balance possible.

On Glassdoor’s recent list of the best jobs for work-life balance, marketing positions occupied six of 25 slots. Digital marketing careers are not only in-demand; they could also be the key to having a life outside of work.

Getting Started In Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager

An SEO manager builds traffic to business websites by leveraging referrals from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO managers must be comfortable with analytical tools and detailed research. At some companies, they’re also responsible for search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Recommended course: Diploma in SEO via Online Distance Learning

Social Media Manager

Social media managers develop strategies for a brand’s presence on social channels ranging from Facebook to Snapchat. They develop marketing campaigns, interact with customers, analyze results, and adjust strategy accordingly. Additionally, many social media managers also partner with customer service departments to respond to customer inquiries on social networks.

Recommended course: Diploma in Social Media via Online Distance Learning

Digital Marketing Manager

People working as digital marketing managers develop comprehensive online marketing strategies for companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 powerhouses. They develop plans containing a little of everything, including SEO, online advertising, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and more.

Recommended courses:

Pay Per Click Specialists

A pay per click specialist, also commonly referred to simply as a PPC specialist, is a person who specializes in managing online advertising campaigns. Specifically, an individual assigned to working in this capacity helps establish new media campaigns and oversees existing ones by performing tasks such as split-testing, analyzing keyword optimization and analyzing other data to minimize the overall pay per click cost of a web-based campaign.

Recommended course: Diploma in Google AdWords and Google AdSense via Online Distance Learning




Conference Planning: The job explained

Posted in Tips on 07 November 2016

Conference planners and developers manage all aspects of conferences, meetings and corporate events. They might work with a committee of planners or perform duties independently, but it is this individual's responsibility to oversee the scheduling of activities, transportation, hotels, staff and meeting space, and make sure that everything runs smoothly and company goals are met. Most conference planners and developers work long hours -- especially during conferences -- but are able to travel extensively to attend events and visit prospective meeting sites.

Job Duties

The conference planner and developer's main objective is to create an event experience that not only meets with the company's goals but also runs smoothly and on budget. This includes negotiating hotel and meeting space, arranging for food and audio-visual equipment, and meeting with marketing personnel to develop appropriate event collateral, such as programs, signage and advertising. The planner and developer is in charge of coordinating all activities and speaking engagements, negotiating guest appearances, and planning visitor or spouse activities. The individual is also likely to be expected to travel regularly to scout locations and meet with vendors for future events.

Skills and Qualifications

Because it is the assessment and satisfaction of attendees that dictates the success of an event, this position requires an individual who is exceptionally strong in both customer service and interpersonal skills. Effective communication -- both verbal and written -- are essential, as is the ability to think analytically and make decisions under pressure. A socially perceptive person who enjoys being around lots of people and is able to read the body language of a large crowd would also do well in this type of position. If  you are looking to get Conference planning skills, and an industry and internationally recognised qualification, you should consider the following courses:

Diploma in Conference Planning - Online Distance Learning

Postgraduate Diploma in Conference Planning - Online Distance Learning

Working Conditions

During a typical planning week, conference planners and developers work full-time schedules in offices, collaborating with clients, vendors and event attendees. During meetings and events, the hours tend to get increasingly longer, the pace is much faster, and the duties more demanding as the position moves to an on-site, all-hours office at the hotel or convention hall. Expect to spend a good deal of time traveling, though the distance varies depending on how large a market reach the company employs.

Salary and Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median income for this professional was a little over 45,000. Employment in this field is expected to grow as much as 44 percent through 2020 due to the increasingly international presence of organizations and associations -- and the fact that these conferences and meetings are often the only time members are together.



Events Opportunity

Posted in Volunteer Opportunities on 07 November 2016

Limelight Sports is currently recruiting volunteers for 2016 Santa dash on December 4th in Clapham Common. We are looking for people to volunteer as member of our race team. Various positions will be available such as Race Marshal, Distribution Team, Water Station Team and many more. Depending on your role your shift will begin between 7:30am - 9:00am. You will meet in the centre of Clapham Common. More details will follow once your interest in volunteering is registered.
This is a 5km and 10km race that benefits or charitable partner GOSH (Great Ormond's Street Hospital). Proceeds from this event go directly to GOSH to help families stay together over the festive period and enjoy Christmas away from the comfort of their homes.
This would be an excellent way for you to receive some very practical Events skills on the job experience.

For more details, please contact Katelyn at  or 02072994192.


How to get into Events (the easy way)

Posted in Tips on 03 November 2016

Do you want to be successful in the dynamic, challenging and rewarding field of Events Management?

Achieving your Events career goals is easier than you might think.

Just like Louise McCarron, who is now working with a national charity, or like Lisa Nolan, who is now part of the team organising all of the big, memorable events in the capital city. See their stories here.


Over 95% of our graduates secure Events jobs upon completion of our courses.

To date, we’ve helped thousands of students globally to secure a pay rise or get into Events; and, as we just announced the new 2017 start date, you can now apply for our Evening Diploma in Event Management, commencing 6th March 2017.

Call Rebecca NOW on 01 283 4579 or email
to book your place today!

*We also provide Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Arranged Work Experience courses and the largest range of Online Courses at Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Levels. For more details, visit


Event Coordinator

Posted in Jobs on 26 October 2016

Earcandy - London
£18,000 - £20,000 a year

Based on experience, between £18,000 - £20,000 PA,
plus commission on upsells available

Earcandy Overview
Earcandy is a rapidly growing company that provides live entertainment for functions including weddings, charity events, and private parties. We are passionate about creating memorable experiences for our customers.

This is the perfect time to get involved as the company is set for a period of rapid growth. The role offers an exceptional chance for career progression for the right person.

Primary Objectives
Providing an exceptionally high standard of Event Coordination for clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Event Coordination and assistance
  • Events administration and ad hoc tasks and projects
  • Potential site visits and face-to-face meetings with clients
  • Credit Control
  • Raising invoices
  • Any other ad-hoc projects as required

Job Description
The Entertainment Coordinator role with Earcandy requires someone special. We are looking for somebody to join our small team that naturally treats each one of our customers as a VIP and delivers on our promise to provide great support for them, as they plan their event.

As an Entertainment Coordinator you will be acting as the main point of contact with all clients for their entertainment bookings. You will be organising the booking from start to finish in line with the client's requirements and will play a pivotal role in the success of the events.

An attention to detail, good problem-solving skills and be able to keep calm under pressure are important attributes to carry as a Coordinator.

You will be the main point of contact for clients, handling their enquiries effectively for specific events such as weddings, corporate conferences, charity events or parties.

Ideally, you will have some experience with event coordination and experience in using CRM systems. Working as part of a team is very important at Earcandy, all departments will work together to ensure efficiency, so we are looking for a true team player.

This role is based on 40 hours per week, typically 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday.

Please apply here.

Interested in Event Management? You must see these stats

Posted in News on 24 October 2016

The events industry remains a huge business. A recent research shows that:

  • More than 1.3 million events took place in Ireland and the UK in 2015
  • …attended by 116.1 million people
  • …at more than 10,000 venues across Ireland and the UK.
  • These events accounted for a spend of just under £40 billion
  • …and occupied the equivalent of more than 6,000 football pitches.

With conferences, meetings, trade shows, festivals and social events running around the clock all over the world:

  • Demand for Event Managers is growing by over 20% year on year
  • The expected salary for Event Management professionals is £75.000
  • 70% of Event Managers feel completely secure in their jobs

And that's not all. Event Management is a fun, dynamic, and always exhilarating career. It is a career for those who envision escaping the every-day boredom of an ordinary job and, instead, work on events where no two days are ever the same. It is a career for those who see themselves using their creative side to design amazing events that will be talked about for years to come. Dreamy, right?

You can break into the Events Industry! We'll help you stand out from your competition

Benefiting from over 30 years of successful experience, our Diploma in Event Management - the  longest running practical skills course in Event Management has helped over 3,000 students secure Events jobs in top Irish and international companies.  Contact us today and get your Events career started.

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